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Traffic Jam Paragraph: Traffic jam is a common affair in the big cities and towns. This problem is the result of rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles. Most often this problem occurs in the congested areas where the roads are very narrow.

In proportion to our population roads have not increased. There are many unlicensed vehicles which should be brought under control. The drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. Overtaking tendency also causes traffic jam. The number of traffic police is insufficient.

Most often traffic jam occurs at office time and also at the time when offices break. It kills our valuable time and our work is hampered. It causes great sufferings to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles.

However, this problem can be solved by adopting some measures. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey them. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Unlicensed vehicles should be removed. After doing all these things we can hope to have a good traffic system for our easy and comfortable movement.

Traffic Jam Paragraph Alternative #1:
Traffic jam is a common affair in big cities and towns in our country. It is one of the major problems. Everyday the city people has to face this unbearable problem.

The density of population is the main cause of traffic jam. The enormous increase in the number of buses, trucks, auto-rickshaws, rickshaws is also responsible for this problem.

Moreover, the traffic control system of our country is not developed. The drivers want to drive their vehicles in their sweet will. Illegal parking of vehicles is also responsible for traffic jam. It causes untold sufferings to the movement of the vehicles and the passers-by. It kills our valuable time and our works are hampered.

This problem can be solved by adopting some effective measures. Traffic rules should be constructed. Public awareness is also needed in this respect.

Topic : Traffic Congestion

Thesis statement
Traffic congestion has been one of the fundamental problems faced by modern cities since the wide usage of automobiles. Just a normal few minutes trip to the convenience store may take up to half an hour due to traffic jam or slowdown. According to the police, congestions are actually the causes of some issues like road rage, road bullies and major accidents. This essay will talk about the causes of traffic congestion and the remedies that may help to improve the situation.

Paragraph 1
First and foremost, there are several factors that contribute to the occurrence of traffic congestion and the rapid increase in the numbers of private automobile ownership due to the development of the country and economy is certainly an undeniable one. Not only it put a dent on the environment with the amount of greenhouse gases it produced, but also precious natural resources like gasoline and diesel are greatly exploited and wasted. The government should further reduce the subsidies on the gasoline and diesel to raise awareness on how important these resources are. Car pooling and taking public transportation should be practiced by the public.

Paragraph 2
In addition, the small road capacity is also one of the contributing factors. As the number of private cars increases greatly over the years, traffic congestion occurs when the needed road capacity is not fulfilled. Simple improvements of the road infrastructure can easily solved this problem. For example, wider roads, overpasses and even underground tunnels could be built to trim down the traffic. Since congestion occurs frequently in the cities, local government municipal can consider passing laws on restricting the number of car owned in a family. This method is in fact, workable and effective.

Paragraph 3
Furthermore, the quality and quantity of the public transport are crucial. Time is equal to money in today's society. Due to the tardiness and lack of maintenance, public transportation is gradually losing its place in the public's hearts. To solve this, the government should invest in improving public transportation to make it more logically convenient, efficient and affordable for all. People will definitely start to choose public transports over their owns once quality meets quantity and making it as their main way of transport. Traffic congestion will surely decrease as a result.

In short, traffic congestion is caused by the public's over-reliance on private transportation and failure to keep up with the zooming expansion of modern societies and their demands. But with great efforts from all, I am positive that traffic congestion can be tackled down.

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