Eso 12 Assignment 2011 Hyundai




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Ignou Eso-11 Free Solved Assignment 2012

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IGNOU ESO-11 Free Solved Assignment 2012
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Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)
Programme Code: BDP
Course Code: ESO-11
Assignment Code: ESO-11/

Section – I
Answer the following in about 500 words each.
1. Describe the major concerns of Sociology and discuss its nature and scope. 20
Solution: Sociology concentrated heavily on society and its major units and their dynamics. It has been striving to analyse the dynamics of the society in terms of organised patterns of social relations.
Firstly, the major concern of sociology is sociological analysis. It means the sociologist seeks to provide an analysis of human society and culture with a sociological perspective. He evinces his…show more content…

Outline the features of a complex society with suitable examples. 20

Solution: A complex society is a social formation that is otherwise described as a formative or developed state.[citation needed] The main criteria of complexity are the extent of a division of labour in which members of society are more or less permanently specialized in particular activities and depend on others for goods and services, within a system regulated by custom and laws, the population size of a human community; the larger the population, the more complex and variegated the co-existence of people tends to become. Social complexity in this sense thus refers typically to political complexity, specifically the presence of a hierarchy in the form of a ruling elite supported by bureaucrats, with associated paraphernalia such as administrative buildings and elite residences in urban or proto-urban population centres. Complex societies under this definition are also agricultural to provide the surplus required to support a social (non-food producing) elite. Explaining the origins of these types of social formations, which appear in many areas of the world, is one of the tasks of archaeology (see, e.g., History & Mathematics: Historical Dynamics and Development of Complex Societies).

There are, however, problems with the term "complexity" when used in this manner. It has been argued that using political organisation (or

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