Al Wasl Properties Scholarship Essay

Speciality Leasing

wasl properties leases a range of non-dwelling units such as storage rooms, advertisement boards and vending machines/ATM space.

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Luxurious furnished apartments for sale at Creek Height Residences. Freehold multi use plots for sale at nad al hammar gardens

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Corporate Services

wasl properties offers corporates a single point of contact to manage all of their office, commercial and residential leases.

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Owners Services

wasl properties offers a full range of facilities management in the leasehold and freehold markets, owner association management and technical services.

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The application enables users to access WASL properties and perform transactions in a secure way. Users can search and access property details.

The app features are:

·Users would be able to search properties based on category

·Search list will provide navigation to details of the property, map, email and telephone contact

.User can make an enquiry for a particular property in which he / she is interested

.The new version will have new service enabled with ability to make payment through credit cards, have standind instructions enabled for recurring payment options. Following services are part of this build

Renewal Process : Tenants can renew their contract for a period of 1 year and make the payment through credit card through online payment facility and for the remaining installments Standing instruction can be set up with the bank for making the payment as per the proposed dates. Once the payment is processed successfully contract is processed and send to tenant via courier.

Termination : Tenant can make a request for termination of contract using this service

Recurring Payment : Contract can be scheduled online payments based on number of instalments he has selected during renewal of lease, the bank process the transaction by debiting the tenant credit card and crediting the wasl properties account. Credit card information is stored at the Bank.

Ancillary Unit: Tenant can add a new Ancillary Units Such as parking space, storage room to existing contract based on the Unit Type. The fees for the new ancillary unit can be paid through credit card online.

Cheque Replacement : Tenant can replace any PDC 1 week in advance and make the payment through credit card

Make Payment : Any outstanding amount pending to be paid by tenant can be paid using this service through online payment facility.

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