Html5 Goanimate Rant Homework

Ass Pull: As "Grounded" videos are usually made by younger kids, don't be surprised to see the guilty party's plans being stopped by just a simple phone call and demand for them to be punished. Even more, if there's no possible way for the guilty party to be caught, be prepared for crazy leaps of logic that leads to the guilty party's revelation or some sort of super-awesome hi-tech device capturing them in the act and telling everyone who it was. For instance, in this video, Dora pulls the fire alarm as an April Fool's prank. When the alarm ends, the teacher asks what happened when Brendan Barney explains:

Brendan Barney: Somebody in this classroom has pulled the fire alarm. It could have been anyone. It could have even been Dora. In fact, it actually was Dora: she was the only one in the building when the fire alarm went off.

  • Another type is for elaborate characters or animals, to excuse the limitations of the software by inserting a line about said character getting "plastic surgery" to allow them to appear in the videos, or even for a gag; one video series had Boris get surgery to become a lookalike of Eminem.
  • This video shows Caillou running away to Chicago because he loves the city and also so he doesn't have to go to school, with no one the wiser. Caillou is caught because Boris just so happens to be in Chicago himself and comes across Caillou. Cue grounding. While Boris hadn't shown up in the video beforehand, it's never stated that this was because he was in Chicago.
  • Often times creators attempt to Hand Wave this trope by lampshading it as "GoAnimate Logic". Often times, however, it leads to just outright lame and anti-climatic moments. For instance, in this video, Dora and Caillou set off a nuke that destroys Go City. When Fred finds them and learns they used "GoAnimate Logic" to use the nuke, he decides to use it to reverse all of the damage done.

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