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The Conflict Between the Ukraine and Russia Essay

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The conflict between the Ukraine and Russia is the Ukraine's most long-standing and deadly crisis; since its post-Soviet independence began as a protest against the government dropping plans to forge closer trade ties with the European Union. The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine stems from more than twenty years of weak governance, the government’s inability to promote a coherent executive branch policy, an economy dominated by oligarchs and rife with corruption, heavy reliance on Russia, and distinct differences between Ukraine's population from both Eastern and Western regions in terms of linguistics, religion and ethnicity (Lucas 2009).
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Moreover, globalization has resulted in the state not having as much control over phenomena such as global companies, information sharing (social media and google) and trading. In addition to the fact that states can no longer exercise control of their financial markets alone.

Multilateral arrangements in the global economy such as IMF, GATT, G –7, as well as multi nation corporations frustrate states through threat of transfer pricing and relocating their production facilities (Goksel 2005).

As a result globalisation has also undone some important cultural and psychological underpinnings of sovereignty. However, it is imperative to note that the effect of globalisation on different nation states will not be the same, because states differ domestically, historically, politically and socio-culturally. Therefore, states will make different policy choices in response to the same global phenomena (Held 1989, 237).

Looking at the specific context of the Ukraine and Russia, it is evident that Globalization has influenced the underlying causes of the conflict and the impact of the Russian invasion. The international community is the structure that allows globalization to occur; however, the international community is restrained and dictated to by international law.

International law:
Under international law Russia’s invasion of the Crimean Peninsula is illegal as the Referendum held on the 16th of March by Russia infringed upon the

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Essay on Russia Ukraine Crisis

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Why Russia-Ukraine crisis was caused by Russia’s attempt to protect its economy and sovereignty.
The topic of international relations has been gaining significance in the modern world following the increase in the popularity of globalization and the need for peaceful coexistence between nations. The high rate of advancement of communication technology, complex global economy, faster means of transport and an increase in value for cooperative relationships are vital to the global society (Almoni 1). A positive relationship between countries, especially the neighboring ones is expected to facilitate the formulation of effective trade agreements. In addition, the issue of immigration or movement of people from one country to another cannot…show more content…

However, Russia refused to acknowledge the new leadership stating that it came into power through unconstitutional means and armed insurrection. This was cited as the major excuse for Russia to deploy troops in Crimea to protect the majority Russian residents from extreme right forces.
The two countries, Russia and Ukraine, had different reactions towards the armed violence and impeachment of the Ukrainian president. Although the majority of the Ukrainians opposed Viktor’s decision to procrastinate the signing the EU-Ukraine integration agreement, all the ex-presidents accused for its interference with the affairs of Crimean. The former presidents of Ukraine, including Leonid Kravchuk and Leonid Kuchma described the present crisis as Russia’s political interventions designed to interfere with the internal affairs of Ukraine and its relationship with the European Union (Hanschke 1). The people of Crimea have not been seeking for secession from Ukraine, but their interest is to have extended autonomy and rights to govern the Crimean affairs with minimum involvement of the government of Ukraine. Russia, on the other hand, have dismissed the accusation and stated that it is pursuing the interest of the people of Crimea to join the Federation of Russia. Russia holds that the people of Crimea have the power to decide the future of their territory and Russia will be ready to respect their decision. Study shows that about 90

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