Altera Vhdl Pin Assignment Diagram

I am using Quartus Prime Lite Edition 16.02 and am trying to fix messed-up pin assignments for a simple project with a single verilog file:

In the past, I've assigned nodes , , , , , and to SW[0], SW[1], SW[2], SW[3], SW[4], and SW[5], respectively, and I've assigned node to LEDR[0]. Since changing the verilog file, however, I've been unable to get pin assignments to work.

I tried the following:

  1. I deleted the file from the project directory (through the file system).
  2. I selected and imported DE1_SoC.qsf.
  3. When I open the assignment editor, the pins to which I had assigned nodes show up with question marks in their status column: In the bottom of the assignment editor, I see my earlier pin assignments:
  4. I start a compile.

I get these messages:

I was able to simulate this design in the past. What do I need to do to get it working again?


We are looking at moving some code into a CPLD or FPGA in order to make it faster. I have worked with Xilinks and their suite of tools before, but for some reason it was decided that we'd use Altera this time around so I am trying to get used to Quartus II.

In particular, I am looking for a way to explicityly assign pins to the chip I am using. In Xilinx, I'd edit the netlist file but I can find no such thing in Quartus. There is a program (Assignments => Pin Planner) that does this, but it has a clunky GUI and I'd far prefer to edit the pins in a text editor, so my twofold question is

A: How do I find the file that stores the pin assignment? It's not listed under my files in the project navigator but the pins I've assigned in Pin Planner stay from session to session so they must be stored somewhere.

B: Is this a horrible idea?

IDE is Quartus II 10.1 Development kit is MAX II Development Board Language is VHDL

EDIT: Right now, I've run into the problem that I'm trying to interface with the Dev Kit through USB. I'm making a serial data receiver on it and have given it a Data In pin. The Dev Kit has a USB receiver so I'm trying to map din to whichever pin the USB connector is on. According to a file I have (rm_maxII-develop_board-rev1.pdf) the USB connector is on "Board Designation U13" but when I go into the Pin PLanner and try to assign that, there is no PIN_U13. I suspect this is an error in the pdf, rather than in Pin Planner but seing as I've never worked with Altera products before, I'm very confused.


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