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The Perfect Teacher Essay

As I meandered my way to music class, I felt that I was approaching an intolerable somnolence. I don not believe the problem relied on the subject, but in the way my teacher conducted his class. His dozy voice was of a terribly dull nature, but what impeded anyone from staying awake were his bad jokes and unexciting anecdotes.

In the countless hours of idleness during music class, while my teacher rambled about half key steps, notes, scales, and such things I have no desire to recollect, I began brainstorming the things that would make the class more interesting. Of course the class could be math or science, but then I realized that if my teacher taught those subjects, he would probably ruin them as well. I came to the conclusion that a better teacher was needed, or at least one that could keep the class awake. That is when I formed my definition of the perfect teacher.

It is important to note that everyone has different perceptions of the perfect teacher. Some people's favorite teacher would consist of someone who would always come in late to class with a cup of hot Starbucks coffee in one hand and a newspaper on the other one. That person would then go over the homework from the night before, if there was any, and the class would come to a conclusion.

Wrong! There are many characteristics of the perfect teacher, but the ones I have just discussed are certainly not part of them. I really don't want to go into detail about the subject because it would take too long. However, it is my duty to enumerate the different characteristics of the perfect teacher, and you can hopefully agree with me about most, if not all of them.

1.The perfect teacher has to be passionate about his or her job. For example, the perfect teacher would become all excited when presenting a new formula that contained many sine and cosine functions, or when ecstatically explaining the Calvin Cycle during photosynthesis, or even when reading emphatically, almost to the point of yelling, a very...

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At school we always mention how good or bad our teachers are; but we don’t know how hard they work to try to make us learn and feel good. There are many ways in which you can know if a teacher is good or not. First of all, to be a good teacher, the person has to earn some qualities, but since teachers are also human , you will never see a person with all the qualities. The most important qualities are to be responsible, respectful, organized, creative, “harsh” and be a good leader.

Being responsible means that all their work is well done. Being responsible also means to be prepared for class, to distribute the time correctly, and to be able to plan a class with time. Another characteristic is to respect others. Being respectful means that she/he must learn how to live with others mistakes and opinions, to respect the differences and value each person for what they are. A very important aspect of a teacher is to be organized.

Students feel more secure about their work if they know the teacher is organized. This happens because the last thing a student would want will be that the work they have done with a lot of effort gets lost. When a teacher is creative, the class becomes more fun and unique and therefore this is another important quality for a teacher to have. For students it is important to know that the class they are going to have is fun and you know you will enjoy it.

The feeling of being with someone unique means a lot because you are taught to be yourself and be more independent, have your own ideas. Students are sometimes difficult to deal with, so they (“we”) need someone harsh who is preparing them for the future, making them go beyond. At the beginning it’s difficult to live with a person of this kind, but later you get use to it and thank God you met the person. This is useful because you learn to be a stronger person capable to handle a big amount of work in the future.

A teacher is the one who makes people learn some skills and make them work well. To do this, the teacher needs to have a highly grade of leadership so people obey. It is not only to be a leader but a good one because people usually follow leaders and we want to have a good example. These are just some qualities that make a good teacher. A perfect teacher will have them all but since there is no perfect teacher, at least teachers should try to earn most of the qualities.

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