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When I reminisce about my school days, I look back with pleasure at the Business Studies classes I took at GCSE and A-level. I always found the Classes extremely interesting. My attention was hooked and my understanding of business grew as we progressed our way through the course. My enjoyment of Business Studies can be seen from my exam grades of which I am extremely proud.

At 18 years old I was keen to go out in the world of work and learn more about differentworking environments. I had jobs from working in nightclubs and promotions to working in face-to-face event based sales. These experiences gave me a chance to see first hand how the theories I had learned in Business Studies applied in practice. I fell ill in December 2005, leaving me unable to complete my A Level study. I took advantage of my misfortune by working in marketing where I had to promote products from business to consumers while learning how to build and manage my own team from scratch. At first I found the idea of being responsible for people quite daunting, but I saw it as a challenge and invaluable experience and therefore fell into the responsibility comfortably. I also worked in retail for a brief period; this faced me with different challenges and a different working environment. In September 2006 my health improved and I returned to education and I am currently completing an Access to Business Studies course. I am also doing A Level French as Irecognise the benefits of having more then one language in the business world. I want to be multilingual and as long as time permits, I will endeavour to learn as many languages as possible. I am also keen to learn about other cultures and have experienced life in Ghana,where I was able to see life from another perspective. In 2003 I lived in America as part ofa student exchange programme and I hope that one day I will have the chance to travel around the world and experience more cultures. Although work is important to me, I recognise the need for rest. I enjoy listening, playing and watching live music. I attend live performances regularly. My love for music stems from the age of eight where I first picked up the recorder and clarinet. I developed my music skills by learning how to play the guitar and the piano. I am eager to learn how to play the drums. Socialising is a part of my life. I like to get involved with campaigns and groups as I feel it is a great opportunity to interact with different people from all walks of life. I regularly volunteer for Amnesty International and Love Music Hate Racism. I feel that I will settle down well at university as I am friendly and confident and my ability to work in a team will enable me to interact well with other people. Having studied drama I have an interest in acting. I often go to the theatre and would like to pursue this interest at university in my free time. With my varied interests I am looking forward to the social, as well as the academic opportunities at university.

After university, I hope to work in Marketing and Advertising. I am an outgoing, articulate and keen person and feel these qualities would shine. Every time I watch an advert on television or see one in a newspaper I immediately know this is what I want to do in life. The idea of having a product to launch and a target audience to appeal to excites me. I always think of creative ways a product can be marketed. I am an enthusiastic learner, I know what I want and I am prepared to work hard to achieve my ambition. I had a job where the wage was commission based; this made me a self-motivated person with the determination to reach the goals I placed in front of me.

I believe that given the academic opportunity, coupled with my valuable work experience, I will be set firmly on the right path to a successful career.

Universities Applied to:

  • Portsmouth
  • Brighton
  • Bournemouth
  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)
  • University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE)
  • Kingston

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Advertising is one of the oldest forms of industry, with examples being found as far back as Ancient Rome. I want to study Advertising as I believe that it has a much greater impact on society than people realise. It is an industry that is constantly growing and changing and it provides chances for personal development, such as an international career. Also, it presents an opportunity to reach people, and to help make a difference in society by publicising charity appeals. A degree in Advertising would give me the chance to study all sides of the industry, from account handling to the creative, whilst giving me a good understanding of the business aspect. The option of taking a placement year in the industry would allow me to continue with my studies, whilst gaining valuable experience. Additionally, modules incorporating live briefs, allowing for the simulation of agency, work appeals to me, as it offers the opportunity to demonstrate both leadership and creativity, individually, as well as as a member of a team.

My Extended Project is focused on how 'Advertising has changed since the advent of new media.' This has allowed me to develop my research and creative skills, whilst gaining greater insight into how an advert is produced. I am currently reading 'Hegarty on Advertising: Turning Intelligence into Magic', which has provided knowledge of how the industry works, and how agencies run, whilst giving a view of the process of creating some of the most famous adverts, such as the Barclaycard 'Waterslide'. My English and Music studies have stretched my creativity, through tasks such as writing short stories, and music compositions, allowing me to improve the way in which I express myself. English is particularly useful in that is has taught me how to write concisely and clearly, which will be advantageous when it comes to writing and working with creative briefs. Spanish is beneficial as it has given me the chance to immerse myself in another culture, during homestays in Seville and Granada. Additionally, being able to converse fluently in a foreign language opens up many options for further advancement in such a global industry.

In my gap year, I intend to secure a placement at an advertising agency in Australia, allowing me to gain a greater knowledge of the way the industry works. Additionally, this placement will help me to make contacts for the future, whilst learning skills that I will be able to utilise during the course of my degree. During my year out I will also have the chance to volunteer in conservation in Australia, allowing me to assist in environmental protection and rejuvenation, whilst learning more about Aboriginal culture.

As a member of the Music department, I have developed both my leadership skills, through the running of Year 7 choir, and my teamwork skills, through being a member of orchestras and bands. These skills have further been enhanced through my position as Assemblies Coordinator of the Languages Committee. This role has allowed me to develop a creative idea and follow it through to completion, through both project management and motivation of my team. My job as Sales Assistant has further improved my interpersonal skills through interaction with both customers, and wholesalers. These skills would prove beneficial when dealing with challenges presented by the advertising industry. My dedication and drive to succeed are evidenced by my Grade 7 distinction in singing, and a Grade 6 pass in Clarinet.

Reading Advertising at university will provide me with many opportunities to develop the skills required for a career in the industry, and I believe that my creativity, organisation and enthusiasm will allow me to make full use of all the opportunities that university will offer.


Universities Applied to:

  • Greenwich (Advertising and Marketing Communication) - Offer (260 UCAS) Insurance/Firm
  • Southampton Solent (Advertising) - Offer (260 UCAS) Insurance/Firm
  • De Montfort (Advertising and Marketing Communication) - Offer (280 UCAS)
  • Sheffield Hallam (Marketing Communications and Advertising) - Offer (300 UCAS)
  • Bournemouth (Advertising) - Offer (320 UCAS with A in Spanish)

Grades Achieved:

  • Music (A2) - Predicted B
  • Spanish (A2) - Predicted A
  • English Language and Literature (A2) - Predicted B
  • Psychology (AS) - Grade D


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Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

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