English 4 Flvs Assignments

ENGLISH 4 SEGMENTS 1 ASSIGNMENT 1.17DAYROMI VELAZQUEZ-LOZANOReceives an InvitaTon to Macbeths CoronaTonGent’s & Dame’sMacbeth and Lady Macbeth request the pleasure of yourcompany for the coronation of Macbeth. Your arrival is expected tomorrow night at sunset at thepalace. Dress in proper attire this is the coronation of your newbeloved king. See you in a few hours.Oh my, did I the son of a farmer just get invited inside the castle, Ihave to go tell my mother this is outrageous.Ronald: Mother look I just received an invitation from my old palMacbeth, boy it’s been a while since I seen him, I heard hechanged a lot.Mother: Oh son I hope you have an extravagant time at the ballbring some food home for your siblings and I and don’t forget totell Macbeth his godmother is still waiting upon his visit.The night has come , Ronald is arriving at the coronationball .Ronald:Th Th This palace is extravagant.The colors across the room are vintage red with a line of gold, theFoor is marble and polished very well it’s like if I was to look downthe well at the back of my house. Wow the upper limit is ±lled

English 4 segment 1 Assignment 1.03 Dayromi Velazquez-Lozano A hero is an important respected person who bravely takes challenges of FghTng to defeat all evil and wrong doing. With that being said Beowulf would be consider a hero to Emerson. ±hroughout Emerson’s essay about heroism he o²en describes a hero as being someone that doesn’t worry about safety, doesn’t worry about di³culty, is not careful, is determined, acts the same in Tmes of fear as in Tmes of fun , and is conFdent of who he is and his abiliTes. If it’s not yet obvious it seems like Emerson had Beowulf in mind when wriTng this essay about heroism. Beowulf comes from a far-o´ fatherland called Higelac to Hrothgar to deliver Hrothgar from evil; just in that sentence Beowulf showed an act of heroism. Emerson says “but whoso is heroic will always Fnd crisis to try his edge’’ meaning that if you are a hero than you will always Fnd something worth FghTng for.

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