Ap Literature Essay Prompts 2009 Gmc

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing is a carefully chosen anthology of literature with works of fiction, poems, and drama selections, including two from films. These three major sections of the book begin with an overview of the genre that guides students through their reading, and the following chapters offer guidance in the analysis of the discrete elements of the genre in question. Writing about literature is thoroughly integrated into every chapter. In addition to the genre selections, the text includes a chapter on research writing, a chapter on ten forms of literary criticism, a chapter on taking examinations on literature, and a chapter on comparison-contrast analysis.

  • Integrated Coverage of Writing About Literature This anthology offers thorough instruction on writing about literature through a wide variety of pedagogical tools, including guidelines for responding to the literature, organizing thoughts, selecting details, planning the essay, and writing effectively. In addition, each literary element is demonstrated in an MLA-style student essay with commentary.
  • Comprehensive Treatment of Literary Skills Separate chapters cover writing and documenting the research essay for fiction, poetry, and drama, as well as taking examinations in literature, and comparing and contrasting literary works. Includes annotated MLA-style papers highlighting information specific to each genre.
  • Connection to Art Color art inserts with commentary visually engage students in reading and responding to literature.
  • AP multiple-choice practice activities for all the literary elements in the book.
  • A model AP test featuring multiple-choice questions and essay-writing prompts. Created by Darlene Stotler (California State University, Bakersfield)
  • Listing of AP-related pointers and study strategies for the AP Exam.
  • AP correlation connects topics in the book to the AP course.
  • Additional Support
  • Students and teachers are given access to MyLiteraturelab™ with textbook purchase. To learn more visit the Technology tab.
  • The Art of Literature CD-ROM includes video reenactments of literary works, poetry readings, definitions, literary examples, and many other resources.

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