Ancient Civilizations Map Assignment For The Most Dangerous Game

English 9- Mrs. Robertson                                                        Name:  __________________________

“The Most Dangerous Game”

“The Most Dangerous Game

Map of Ship-Trap Island

Directions:  Create a map of Ship-Trap Island.  You must include all the required elements to receive full credit.  Be sure to refer back to the story so that you place each feature in the logical location.


  1. Include the following features of the island:  (2 points each)

ØRocky shoreline

ØDense jungle

ØFake channel marker with rocks

ØCourtyard with a dozen dogs

ØDeath Swamp

ØMalay man-catcher

ØBurmese tiger pit

ØUganda knife trick



  1. Include the following features of a map:  (2 points each)

ØCompass rose

ØDistance scale

ØKey for symbols (i.e. x= trees)

  1. Map must be colored and labeled

Point Value:

ØEach required item with correct placement is worth 2 points= 26 points

ØEffort:  Must be colored and work must look as though time was spent completing it.

= 14 points

TOTAL= 40 points + 5 points for the plot chart = 45

DUE DATE:  ________________________________________


Product Description

This activity is designed to help students realize context by analyzing information and producing an accurate visual representation of the setting of the story "The Most Dangerous Game." Students can complete this project in pairs or individually. This assignment requires students to recall specific details from the text, analyze details for their relationships to each other, and visually depict the context of the story.

Included on the handout (there are two of the same instructions on one piece of paper to reduce paper usage; it will need to be cut in half) are the requirements of the project (name, compass, key, color, nine sites from the story). The required nine sites from the story include the page number from the Prentice Hall Language and Literature textbook (9th grade).

Also included is a sample map I created to allow students to see what is expected. It is NOT a completed map; it only gives a visual to students to get them on the right track.

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