Ca Bar Exam Essay Outlines On Salvation

Most states administer the bar exam twice a year, the last week of February and the last week of July, with applications due approximately 4 months prior to the exam. Some states have earlier deadlines. Below you will find a link to a list of all the state bar examiners in the country. Please check the state in which you plan to practice for its rules and deadlines. 

Most law school graduates take the July exam. Most states do not permit anyone to sit for the bar exam who has not actually graduated from law school.

In addition to registering for the exam, some states (including CA) require you to register as a law student, which, of course, entails an extra fee. Many California law schools urge their students to register as 1Ls because they know their students will practice in California. Since so many of our students do not practice in this state, and since there is no late fee, we wait until your last year to urge you to register. California urges you to register before taking the MPRE.

Most states (including CA and NY) require the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam). The MPRE is administered in November, March, and August of each year. The cost is $70. This two-hour and five minute exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. It is much easier than the regular bar exam.

View applications here

Moral Character Determination

Most states (including CA and NY) require you to apply for a moral character determination. The California application form itself is quite lengthy and calls for a lot of historical information from you. In California, the processing time can range anywhere from 4 – 10 months because it entails checking references going back many years; so, we recommend that you complete the form this semester or soon thereafter. If you delay in filing this application, you run the risk that you may be ineligible to be sworn in next December. New York moral character determinations are done after you take the bar exam.

Many states (including CA) require fingerprints as part of the bar application. California now requires you to submit fingerprints through the live scan system. You can do this at the Stanford Department of Public Safety, 711 Serra Street, Monday through Friday, by appointment only. To get an appointment, call 650 723.9633.

State Bar Admission Requirements

The National Conference of Bar Examiners publishes an annual guide to bar admission requirements in the various states. In addition, the Jurist website, run by the University of Pittsburgh, also contains a list and general bar exam information.

Special Requirements for Advanced Degree Students on the New York Bar Exam

The New York State Board of Law Examiners requires foreign students who obtain an LLM or JSM in the United States to complete:

  • 3 quarter units of Introduction to American Law
  • 3 quarter units of Professional Responsibility
  • 3 quarter units of legal research, writing and analysis
  • a minimum of 8 quarter units of subjects tested on New York bar exam

See list of Stanford Law School courses approved by NYBOLE as meeting these requirements.

California Bar Exam Lean Sheets

California bar exam Lean Sheets streamline the most important and frequently tested information for every MBE and California subject into only 2-3 pages each. Based upon extensive research of past California bar exams, our CA Lean Sheets include CA distinctions where applicable, helpful mnemonics for memorization, and serve as the most efficient way to review for the California bar exam.

Lean Sheets were created with one goal in mind: to reduce the massive amounts of information for each subject into manageable outlines of only the essentials. By focusing on what you NEED to know for the California bar exam, Lean Sheets allow you to spend more time on MBE questions and essay writing, and less time reviewing black-letter law.

The CA Package Includes Lean Sheets for all MBE and California subjects:

MBE Subjects
Civil Procedure (Fed and CA)
Crim Law and Procedure
Constitutional Law
Evidence (Fed and CA)
Real Property


California Subjects
CA Business Associations
CA Agency & Partnership
CA Community Property
CA Professional Responsibility
CA Remedies
CA Will & Trusts

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