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Dear all! We are extremely excited to announce our first scholarship contest for students, which will be held on an annual basis. We give you an awarded chance to show your writing skills instead of our writers.

The team will start the essay writing contest on the 1st of October 2017 and the deadline for submissions will be the1st of December 2017. You are welcome to read the conditions attentively and send your applications to us!

What Prizes Will You Claim?

Let’s start with the most pleasant part. Winners of our scholarship contest will earn money prizes:

1st prize – $500
2nd prize – $350
3rd prize – $150

An important note to consider: The payments will be submitted only by PayPal’s payment system. Make sure that you have a PayPal account so that you won’t waste time meant for writing. We reserve the right to use the papers of other participants in our aims.

Who Can Be a Participant?

Only students of high school, college, or university who are currently studying will be allowed to entry into the contest. Gender, race, age, and nationality don’t matter. No entrance fees are required!

How to Participate?

If you are willing to participate in our contest, you should complete these three simple but obligatory steps:

Step 1: Like our Facebook page and post, or follow us on Twitter, if for some reason you haven’t done it yet:)
Step 2: Create an awesome essay and send it to with the letter subject “EssayShark Scholarship Essay Contest.”

What Should You Include in Your Letter?

When you are sending a letter to us, make sure that you specify the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Email
  • The name of your educational affiliation
  • The name of your department
  • The year of study
  • Phone number
  • The essay topic you have chosen

All of this data must be mentioned in your letter. Unfortunately, you won’t become a participant if any of the items listed above are missing.

Please, don’t worry whether we received your application. After receiving your letter, we’ll let you know.

What Essays Do We Expect From You?

  • Essays with no grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Essays with no plagiarism.
  • Essays in English only.
  • Essays 2-3 academic pages long (no more than 550-800 words). Exceeding the word limit won’t give you any additional chances to win the prize.
  • Essays with strong argumentation supported with facts and well-defined idea.
  • Essays on one of the presented topics.

Suggested Topics for Your Essay

We ask you to write a narrative essay on one of the given topics:

– The Country of My Dream
– Why Was Your Favorite Vacation So Memorable?
– The Most Important Decision of My Life
– The Turning Point of My Life
– If I Could Go Back in Time or History

Who Will Be in the Admission Committee?

As you know, our essay writing service deals with expert authors who have vast experience in academic writing. Who else can judge essays better than them? Our writers will examine all works thoroughly and choose the winner criteria, such as:

  1. Sticking to the requirements mentioned above.
  2. Focus on particular details which are important in covering the topic and avoidance of irrelevant information (and adherence to the word limit).
  3. Connection of ideas and essay coherence.
  4. Interesting manner of writing based on personal experience.

The admission committee won’t be aware of personal information of the participants, so the judging will be unbiased.

Special Cautions

*We reserve the right to withhold information on the results of our contest.
*Your letter shouldn’t contain any information besides the points listed above. Our experts will check your writing skills in the essays.

The results of the contest will be sent via email to the participants and published on our blog on the 20th of December, 2017. Dare to take part in our scholarship essay writing contest – don’t hide your talent!

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We are pleased to share the winning essay for our 2015 "My American Experience" Essay Contest! For this contest, we asked our 2014-2015 A-SMYLE, Cultural Bridges, ExCEL, FLEX, and YES students to write about the role leadership has played in their exchange year. We received many submissions, and it was not easy to pick our winner. Congratulations, Khaoula! 

My American Experience

by Khaoula Anassteme, YES-Morocco

Ambitious and earnest, I had an aim; to make a positive change. When I heard about the YES program, I instantaneously realized that it was the gate that will help me attain my goal; after spending 9 months in the US, my expectation about the program turned out to be right. YES program shaped me to not only become a better person but also a better leader.

As an exchange student, I was put in an environment very dissimilar from what I was used to, which inspired me to challenge myself in order to take the most out of my experience. From AP Calculus to AP US History, I took six AP classes, classes that I really revelled in throughout the year. I was able to stay on top of my courses and achieve straight As, but having such a heavy load didn’t stop me from getting involved in other activities such as SPARK tutoring, Science Olympiad, Key Club, etc. With the Science Olympiad team, I placed in all my divisions in regionals and with SPARK club, I started to tutor maths and with Key Club, we planned so many events to give back to our community and show appreciation. Noticing both my efforts and achievements, the school board selected me to join the Student Leadership Team (SLT). SLT, a group of well-rounded students that the school picks as leaders, works on identifying some of the school's problems and creating a detailed plan to tackle those issues. Being a part of this group taught me to both set a direction for my goals and use management skills to design steps leading to its attainment. It also trained me to be able to adjust and adapt; sometimes the set plan doesn’t work thus a newer and quicker one need to be constructed. Since developing my leadership skills was a priority for me, I applied for the Civic Education Workshop and I and 99 other YES students were accepted from 500 other applicants. During the week, I took part in seminars on the US system of government and discussions with representatives of civic organizations and the media; add to that, I got the chance to listen to the Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Kathleen Stephens address to us as exchange students and meet with Members of Congress and staff representing the districts of my host state, Wisconsin. Thanks to the Civic Education Workshop, I had the opportunity to interact with leaders and know about the qualities that made them as effective as they are. Another thing that I really benefited from because of the YES program is community service. I‘ve always believed in the concept of volunteerism and the idea of giving back to the community, but in my country or most of other exchange students' countries, this concept isn’t really as ubiquitous. Community service involvement helped me shape my personal leadership skills, gain a better appreciation for academic work and develop a spirit of involving myself  in the community.

Everything I learned from the Student Leadership Team to the Civic Education Workshop to the several community service projects I did would consist a perfect background and base to achieve my target and have a positive impact. I am fully aware that such big influence can only be possible through small effective steps. Therefore, I am planning to expand on and practice what I learned about volunteerism, citizen responsibility, and leadership back in my home country, Morocco. Since I regard education and knowledge as the key to success in life, I want to start a SPARK tutoring club in my school back home in which students with higher potentials in a certain subject would help others with lower ones. To be a leader doesn’t mean to be the boss but, for me, it is to demonstrate everything you expect from others to be, it’s to motivate and inspire them to be their best. 

Pictured: Khaoula, on the right in glasses, volunteering during her March re-entry workshop at Food & Friends in Washington, DC.

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