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Math term papers are one of the rare kinds of term papers as many students don’t have mathematics as a subject in their carrier run. So, it usually becomes difficult for the students to understand and implement their term papers. Math term paper becomes problematic sometimes if a student is not ready for the subject matter which was assigned to him. But it is never too late to seek for help and get help in raising your grades.

A Mathematics term paper requires great amount of research and needs right approach to every point or idea used in it as every single point must be supported by logical conclusions and valid proofs. It usually is time consuming and makes many students frustrated. In order to make a simple math term paper – you must simplify your ideas and put them in a straightforward way. You must make sure that each of your results depends on the main theorem and that all the theories used are related to each other and defined in a proper step by step order. It will make it easier for the reader to judge your ideas and implementation resulting in high scores.

A standard format for math term papers consists of an introduction, body, theory and conclusion. There are no restrictions as in APA or MLA formats but a proper outline must be needed which will present your math term paper in a proper way. References must be given in your math term paper for each and every work cited. Special attention must be given to the notations used, so before starting your math term paper you must specify them and be consistent throughout your term paper.

Math term paper topics are as easy to find as it seems difficult to work out with them. For example, the number theory, linear algebra, vectors, geometry are most common topics. You can even choose any great mathematician or scientist and use his achievements in your term paper. For example, Sir Isaac Newton, John Napier, Euclid, Einstein and their lifetime achievements can be discussed in your term paper.

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How to Structure Math Research Papers

It’s true that when most people think of writing more often than not, they are thinking of a specific topic and not typically mathematics. But if we understand that the true purpose of any writing is to communicate a subject to a particular audience, then why not have it be mathematics to a, more than likely, brilliant audience. If you are a college student chances are you probably will have to write a math research paper at some point. Here are some guidelines on how to structure your math paper.

Layout and Design

Like any other form of writing, you always want to begin your project with an outline. Most, if not all math documents, follow a basic structure to get the job done. The common layout normally consists of the abstract, introduction, problem, body, and references.


The abstract needs to state the problem, the importance of the actual problem and provide a summary of your solutions. It is a crisp but brief description of the main results of your work and can be in the form of a summary outline of the entire paper briefly touching on each section.


The introduction should define and describe the problem, provide historical background of the problem, acquaint the readers with relevant work or studies of the problem that have been performed and touch on your main theorems.


In this section you want to be particular about detailing what the problem or situation is. Be clear in identifying the problem. If for instance you are trying to exhibit how useful and important pi is, then you want to be certain the reader knows what pi is. So in a few brief words be certain to clarify your problem


Use the body of your report to take your reader on a journey through your research and findings. Discuss your research, your developments, what you learned about the problem, provide examples and share your results.


A conclusion conveys your final thoughts and recommendation and may also include questions that you stumbled upon in your research that were linked to your problem but you were not able to answer. It may also include any future thoughts you may have with regard to solving these perplexing formulas.


As is the case with any research papers that we write including mathematics you want to be certain to give credit to any people whose work you may have used in writing your piece.


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