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John Q Movie Reflection Paper

There comes a time in our life that we may come to face challenges that would require usto choose between life and death  if we would resort to a !iolent act in order to sa!e someonedear to us or "ust acce#t the reality and let that #erson die because you don$t ha!e the means tosa!e his life. %n a moral and educated #ers#ecti!e& it was un"ustifiable that 'ohn ( used !iolence inorder to get his son on the list of those who need a heart trans#lant. % get that he$s left with nochoice and he$s much too des#erate to get his son the immediate surgery that he needs in order toli!e but still& what he did was wrong. %t was wrong in such a way that you ca#tured )) innocent #eo#le *not to mention that they were all #atients who needs treatment too+ and held them ashostage "ust to blac,mail the #olice officers to do whate!er you as,ed them to do. There are stillmany ways that would hel# him raise such amount li,e loaning money from the ban, and #romising to #ay it bac, in legal terms or why not ma,e a fund-raising e!ent li,e benefitconcerts for Mi,e. And also& he should$!e as,ed od is will for his son. %f it$s is will to lethim li!e or not. From my own o#inion& % thin, that what 'ohn ( did was wrong on some #oint but hisintention was #ure and that all he wanted was to let his son li!e to the #oint that he would e!endare to ris, his life. Any #arent would do anything for their child& that$s how great the lo!e our  #arents ha!e for us. And "ust li,e any #arent& 'ohn ( did what he thought was right at thatmoment. The most #ainful thing that a father could e/#erience is burying his own son beforehim& and % thin, that$s what scared 'ohn ( the most that$s why he was able to do some morallyunacce#table act.0ne character that showed the use of an ethical system is 1ebecca Payne. 1ebecca Payneis the su#er!isor of the hos#ital where Mi,e Archibald was admitted. She acted in a utilitarianway by thin,ing that assisting 'ohn ($s son for free treatment will not do society any good due tomillions of % #atients facing the same #roblem. Mi,e is only a modicum of the health care

John Q Movie Analysis Essay

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The movie “John Q” narrates a story of the financially constrained character John Quincy Archibald who ensures that his nine year old son at the brink of death, secures a heart transplant by any means possible. Throughout the movie, there is a compelling display of the love shared by a family and this is seen in the great lengths John went to save his son, however unlawful. The main characters are John, Michael and Denise Archibald, Rebecca Payne, Doctor Turner and Lt. Grimes.
In the movie there were two main negotiators who were negotiating on the main driving force of the movie’s story line; they were Lt. Grimes and John Q. John, from the onset of the movie, portrayed very choleric tendencies. He was a leader as shown by how he stood…show more content…

Consequently, he went into negotiations with the police lieutenant to claim value (Lewicki, Barry, & Saunders, 2007) with distributive bargaining techniques. John’s real interest in this negotiation was not to get his son’s name on the donor’s list but to save his son’s life and that was his main goal throughout the movie. This interest was reaffirmed by his option to kill himself so his heart would be used for his son. At this point, his concern was not getting his son’s name on the donor’s list but making sure his son was alive.
John Q analyzed the issue at stake very candidly. His son needed a heart transplant or else he was going to die but he did not have enough funds to provide for his son’s transplant. He could either watch his son die or do something drastic to save him. He chose to abduct patients in the hospital to use them as a bait for negotiation therefore he perceived the negotiation as an exchange. Whether or not he acted in whatsoever manner, there was a possibility he would lose his son, so he decided to act in faith in the possibility of saving Michael because this negotiation was a necessity to him. He viewed the negotiation situation through an outcome frame, which was of more importance to him and so he needed an agreement to be reached between him and the police. He knew the situation was a one shot negotiation so he was not interested in building and

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